Frequently asked

What is the American Board of Telehealth?

The American Board of Telehealth (ABT) was created to provide the framework for educational pathways for professional development and improvements of care related to the practice of telehealth. ABT’s founding board and advisory council, made up of highly regarded experts in telehealth, create oversight and strategic vision of the advancement of telehealth education. The goal of ABT is to create of a consortium of gold-standard telehealth education and resources through collaboration with stakeholders in the telehealth community. Telehealth educational opportunities will be aimed at standardizing and validating the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demand for remote services while maintaining excellent patient care.

What are the ABT initiatives?

Our goal is to weave telemedicine into the fabric of health care delivery across the country as a vital tool in promoting access to quality care no matter where you are. Our three overarching initiatives are education and training, standards of virtual care delivery and telehealth integration.

Who are the ABT Expert Panel members?

The Expert Panel members include a representation of telehealth experts from across the care continuum.

What education does the American Board of Telehealth offer?

ABT courses utilize governance, faculty and planning committees that represent telehealth experts from across the care continuum to plan, develop and create high-quality, evidence-based education while addressing common misconceptions about telehealth. ABT courses promote virtual advancement through researching evidence-based best practice and developing standards of care while supporting the integration of telehealth clinical practices across the continuum of care.

For a full list of course offerings, visit the ABT Education Hub.

Who should take ABT courses?

The American Board of Telehealth develops certification and educational curriculum to help advance the careers and professional development of physicians, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, health care administration, information technology, legal/policy advocates and organizations. New certifications are added regularly to help with the growing needs of telemedicine.

Does ABT provide organizational training?

If you would like to purchase multiple course seats for an organization, we have special course rates available for you. Please contact us at to learn more.

How do I access ABT courses?

For a full list of course offerings, visit the ABT Education Hub.

How do I change my password for the ABT Education Hub?

Log into the learning platform, click My CE and click Profile. The Reset My Password button is at the top of the page. Contact us at if any additional help is needed.

How do I update my mailing address/email address for the ABT Education Hub?

Log into the learning platform, click My CE and update profile information as needed and click “submit.” Contact us at if any additional help is needed.

Do I get continuing education credits for completing the certificate program?

Yes. See course registration pages for specific continuing education credit information, including the types and amount of credit available.

How much do ABT courses cost?

Registration fees vary per course. See the individual course registration page for specific registration fee information.

Where is my receipt for payment of an ABT course(s)?

Upon registration, you will automatically receive an email receipt. Additionally, a receipt can be reprinted at any time on the ABT Education Hub by logging in, clicking My CE and clicking Registration & Receipts.

What if I lose my completion certificate(s)?

A certificate with continuing education hours will be available after the completion of the course. You can log into the ABT Education Hub and reprint your certificate at any time.

You will be mailed a certificate indicating completion of the CORE Concepts in Telehealth Certificate Program. If you lose the mailed certificate or would like another copy, a written request via email will need to be sent to There is a $150 fee for a replacement certificate.

What is the CORE Concepts in Telehealth Certificate program?

The American Board of Telehealth’s CORE – Clinical, Operational, Regulatory and Ethics – Concepts in Telehealth Certificate provides a comprehensive program to envelope the learner in vital aspects of telemedicine implementation and delivery across a broad spectrum of service areas. The CORE Concepts in Telehealth Certificate Program is launched in sequence with the publication of validated telehealth competency development with Harvard Medical School. The curriculum includes seven online modules taking the learner through interactive, engaging content and case scenarios while still offering the flexibility of completing the course at the learner’s pace and time.

  • Validate you have the knowledge needed to succeed in the field
  • Demonstrate commitment to your profession
  • Show dedication to maintaining quality and competency in your work
  • Encourage life-long learning and professional development

Are there prerequisite requirements before I can complete the CORE Concepts in Telehealth certificate program?

No, there are no prerequisite requirements to take the CORE Concepts in Telehealth Certificate course.

Does the CORE Concepts in Telehealth Certificate expire?

Yes. This certificate will put you at the forefront of the expanding virtual care delivery model. A refresher course is recommended every two years as telehealth continues exponential growth.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Live course: A refund will be given less a 10% cancellation fee upon written request to a minimum of 30 days before an activity. Refunds are issued in the same form as initial payment. Following this date, no refunds will be given.
  • Online course: A full refund minus a 10% administrative fee will be provided to customers that submit a request in writing for cancellation from participation in an online activity if no course materials have been accessed and a written request is made within 30 days of purchase. Request for cancellations must be submitted to
  • A Gold Standard Money Back Guarantee: Equipping you for success is our passion. ABT is committed to delivering gold standard telehealth educational content and service. If you feel we’ve fallen short, promptly contact us at so that we can make every reasonable attempt to correct the situation. If a correction is either not possible or you continue to be dissatisfied, we will provide a full and prompt refund.

Why do I need to create a profile?

In order to register for and complete the course, you will need to set up an account. The account allows the course to be tied to your profile so that you may start and stop the course as you are able. It allows the course completion to be tied to your name for credential and certificate purposes. Please note: We will not give your information to any third-party vendors.

How will you use my information?

The American Board of Telehealth will only utilize learner information to meet continuing education accreditation requirements, to send reminders about the course or other continuing education opportunities. We will not give your information to any third party vendors.