Telehealth can bring extraordinary benefits to the primary care environment, but there are challenges to moving the patient-provider conversation online.  New technologies, new regulations, and new expectations can make it difficult for providers and patients to work together efficiently and effectively.

That’s why the American Board of Telehealth is offering a new, self-paced online program to help primary care providers make the most of their digital opportunities.

The Teleprimary Care Certificate program is designed to help providers maximize the value of telehealth and keep online care as a cornerstone of the post-pandemic environment.

This innovative program will offer physicians and clinicians the training they need to remain productive, follow legal, regulatory, reimbursement, and ethical guidelines, and use telehealth to improve health equity and combat the social determinants of health.

Our goal is to help primary care providers use telehealth to grow into more spaces, adopt more robust technologies, and provide seamless experiences that integrate home monitoring and remote devices into the care process.